Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Charitable Associations

In order to address inequalities in addiction and associated health care, both internationally and in the UK, One40 under the management of the Landre Group have launched their own charitable division.

One40 supports information sharing, training and technical assistance among organisations and communities. Gavin Cooper founder of One40 is dedicated to the behavioural health and well-being of diverse communities.  The mission is to identify "providers of excellence" in regions that suffer disparities. The aim is to offer relief and to stimulate:-

  • New collaborative partnerships; to grow and spread pockets of excellence.
  • Influence resources through partnering and collaborative initiatives.

One40 are motivated to support addictive and associated health equity for all individuals, families, and communities. Through funding, resources, awareness building, we would like to be part of a network that supports organisations that are diverse, ethnic, cultural and sexual minority communities and organizations.  To be able to help them promote policies, practices, standards and research to eliminate prejudice.

Historically, there have been issues that have made it difficult for diverse communities to work collectively to reduce the inequities of resources in their respective communities. One40 support a motivation for change.


 Dristi Nepal