Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.


Increasing drug and alcohol abuse in UK businesses has left employers facing very serious challenges

On the one hand, the financial cost to companies is simply staggering. In 2011 alone, the loss incurred
by UK businesses was around £4.2 billion, with alcohol abuse alone accounting for approximately 65% of that figure.

Around 17 million working days are lost annually as a direct or indirect consequence of substance abuse. Absenteeism, together with reduced productivity, poor decision making and the additional risk of work-related accidents, is an ever-increasing problem.

On the other hand, as an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees. It is vitally important that drug and alcohol misuse are recognised and treated as what they are - serious illnesses, and that the individual involved is supported as far as possible.

One40 offers UK companies comprehensive support in a number of areas :

•    Seminars and discussion groups on addictions and disorders
•    Full HR and Occupational Health support
•    Management awareness & intervention training courses
•    Referral and comprehensive therapy programmes