Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

About One40

The One40 group is made up of 9 facilities across the UK, we are unique because we are the only organisation in this country that can honestly offer a full spectrum of services and facilities based on the patients needs not on the needs of business.

More often than not our patients at One40 suffer from co-occurring disorders, many of which are brought to light during treatment. Because of this, we treat a diverse spectrum of disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders, sex addiction, co-dependence, drug abuse, self harming, process addiction and mood disorders. This creates a diverse resident population, which we believe helps residents realise they are not alone in their struggles. This non judgemental and fully inclusive perspective on recovery serves as a life-long benefit to our patients.

The One40 group offers over 400 spaces for treatment across their facilities, with over 200 staff this makes us one of the largest non-corporate service providers in the country.    

The One40 group has facilities all across the UK, our package navigates inclusively through from; intervention, detox, inpatient residential, day treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, aftercare services, step down residential & Intensive trauma reduction and day programmes and inclusively the ongoing support of alumni recovery community network.

One40 offers a full continuum of addiction and mental health treatment services, meaning we can help; absolutely any individual to establish and maintain long-term freedom from addiction, trauma and unmanageable mental health issues.