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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Addiction Counselling

The One40 Clinics offer a model of Addiction Counselling that highlights a united approach to all addictions and cross addictions. Our clients experience a healing environment, which does not judge or chastise.

In our clinics there are no stigmas surrounding addiction. Those uncomfortable settings only make it harder to overcome the experiences of fear, shame, guilt and pain, that so many of our clients come to us with.

Here at One40 we know from professional and personal experience, that to an addict, any addiction—whether it be alcohol, gambling, drugs, shopping, sex, drugs, gaming, or internet use—is a form of escape from the reality of their problems, a fix; its self- medicating the ‘dis-ease’ around feelings, thoughts and emotions.

While some of these activities are initially harmless, the problem lies in the repetition and cycle of negative patterns that occur, additionally the psychical dependency of certain addictions means an inability to stop such repetitive behaviour regardless of its harmful consequences.

At One40 all our clients have individual Addiction Counselling, whether its alongside detoxification (for substance abuse,) all rehabilitation consists of private counselling, group/process counselling, cognitive therapy, core 12 step processes and  non-cognitive therapy; which explores the Limbic processes and  plays a huge part in helping an addict recover from addictive dispositions.

The A.C.T treatment model enables our clients to explore where their impulse or craving for a drug, for alcohol, or any other addictive activity/behaviour stems from.

We offer our clients an opportunity to address their desire to escape from life's realities negatively, via short-lived effects/fixes.

We enable our clients to look at their co-occurring issues of anxiety and depression,  that for many triggered their self- medicating, addiction patterns. The long-term consequences of these addictions often bring guilt, shame, and other negative feelings, which may eventually lead to a destructive cycle that draws in family, friends, and other people surrounding a sufferer.

You may know someone or you yourself may be experiencing struggle with addiction, but there are ways that you can overcome such inclination, before it escalates to an even more destructive force.

Addiction counselling, rehabilitation, and our One40 Recovery Community support can all help you combat whatever addiction you or your loved one is struggling with.

Why Counselling is an Important Part of Addiction Treatment

In treating most addictions, especially substance abuse, you will have to deal with;

  • Physical dependence on the substance
  • Psychological factors
  • Triggers and negative environments

Even when detox has been successful to cure your physical dependence on a substance, relapse is still a real and present danger, as powerful stimuli from your physical environment, everyday life, and social networks can still trigger your urges.

All the One40 clinics provide a care plan and a model of treatment that will process these realities and prior to leaving residential/out-patient treatment; each client will develop a step-down/aftercare plan.

Factors like stress, sudden life events, environmental cues, old social networks (spending time with cohorts who still use drugs/alcohol), can create powerful urges to relapse, which is where further relapse prevention and aftercare addiction counselling can intervene.

While no one method work best for all, at One40 our approach, based on years of personal and professional expertise, offers a high impact solution to an abstinence from addictions. Our therapists offer diversity and skills with different approaches in order to address your specific problems. This is also why every treatment plan is tailored to a client’s own addiction issues and their individual needs.

One40 Ltd. is an established addiction treatment facility with rehab and treatment centres all across the UK. All our clinics are multi-disciplinary rehab centres, manned by the most esteemed professionals in the addiction treatment industry. You can call us to know more about our programmes and flexible admissions.


On average, there are about 2 million people in the UK believed to struggle with some sort of addiction.