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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Alcohol Detox Centres

One40 is considered to be a leading provider in the treatment of addiction. Our alcohol detox centres, found across the UK, offer comprehensive rehabilitation packages that address all addiction issues.

The One40 detoxification procedure is a Physical and Psychological process with a variety of interventions and therapies, which run concurrently with the detox. The use of medication, when suitable, as prescribed by our specialist doctors is only one part of our addiction treatment service.

Our basic principal is to provide a holistic approach to treatment, underpinned by proven research based methods and updated via Clinical Governance procedures to enable us to offer best practice for our clients.

How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take at One40?

Alcohol detoxification is not a lengthy process; in fact, most people can complete detox within a week, but severe cases of alcoholism and alcohol addiction may prolong the process. The length of your detox program will depend on how long you have been drinking and if you have any underlying health conditions. Where necessary our client’s rehabilitation begins with detoxification.

What to Expect;

At One40 we recommend that a successful alcohol detoxification will be realised if combined with a therapeutic rehabilitation programme. The A.C.T model at One40 offers clients an integrated detox programme increasing their opportunity to successfully achieve long term abstinence.

The process of detoxification—under supervised clinical care—removes the harmful alcohol toxins from the bloodstream. This medically supervised program is a very important step in overcoming both physiological as well as psychological addiction to alcohol.

During detox, your body undergoes a metabolic process that changes toxins into more readily-excreted, less toxic substances. The goal of detox is to help a person withdraw from dependence on habituating substances.

Medical Interventions may include;

To stimulate appetite and help support repair to the central nervous system, we may prescribe Thiamine. This will also assist short term memory loss and help rebalance the body’s vitamin loss.

If medically necessary tranquilisers will be prescribed, to reduce our client’s withdrawal symptoms. However our Doctors and Nurses will work with those that present with issues that may include liver damage, to ensure they are able to tolerate all prescribed medication.

We also use a variety of supporting medication if needed. On occasions alcohol dependant clients may need sleeping medication in the early stage of detox.

Checking in to a One40 Detox Facility

Understanding that an alcohol detox may cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, if not medically supervised is crucial. It is universally acknowledged that a safe and successful detox process is one done in a supervised, and when possible a residential setting.

The One40 clinics provide professional and quality alcohol detox centres across the UK.

Our clinics are rehabilitation centres. We offer a comprehensive treatment program for alcoholism, alcohol dependency, and alcohol addiction.

One40 has versatile admissions and multiple locations for your convenience, and as a client, you will be handled by a dedicated staff in a BACP and CQC registered facility.  To go through alcohol detox safely here, Call 0800 511 8112 or 207 060 1304.


Having a drinking problem can put all aspects of your life at risk. It can threaten your livelihood, your relationships, your finances, and your health.

Alcohol detox is different from rehabilitation. It is not the same as recovery.

Detoxing is just one of the first steps to overcoming a drinking problem, continued counselling and aftercare is necessary in order to fully recover.