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Understanding Alcohol Detoxification @ One40.

Alcohol Detoxification is a Specialty Treatment at One40

Alcohol detox is not an easy task whether for yourself or for a loved one. Finding the right help with the right methods can be a task all on it’s own. We know this already and just want to help. One40 clinics offer medical treatment for alcohol detoxification, (rather, alcohol cessation.) Clinically this is the immediate discontinuation of alcohol intake for individuals suffering from alcohol dependency and choosing to participate in our A.C.T treatment model, therapeutic workshops, process groups, family therapy and 1to1 counselling.

6 Types of Alcohol Detox Programs You’ll Find at One40

One40 clinics offer a unique set of alcohol detoxification programs, facilitated in a wide variety of settings at our group of clinics across the UK. Based on the 6 methods below, we’ve become quite successful in helping to stop the alcoholism problem and help the clients to move on with their life comfortably.

  1. Hospital/Clinic-Based Detox Programs


    – In-patient programs that offer alcohol detox and rehab in a specialized clinic setting. Although these types of faculties are reducing generally across the UK today, One40 are proud that their coverage across the UK remains strong and are set to introduce new facilities into 2014.
  2. Residential Rehab Detox

    – Generally lasting from 28 days or more, our residential programs take place in a controlled, residential environment. In most cases, treatment is divided into different stages, where participants have limited contact with others, such as their family and friends in order to develop primary relationship with other residents sharing the same alcohol/substance addiction, cross addiction and trauma issues. In later stages of the treatment, patient will be allowed to contact people from outside the residential community more frequently.
  3. Day Treatment Program

    – One40 day treatments provide 4 to 8 hours of treatment each day at our clinics for people who prefer to live at home and get their treatment at a clinic setting. These programs typically run for 28 days or longer, they prove to be very effective for people living in a stable home environment who also have a supportive family.
  4. Outpatient Programs

    – Much like day treatment programs, outpatient detox programs are run at health clinics, hospitals, counsellor’s offices, community mental health clinics, and even residential facilities that have outpatient clinics. They impose varying attendance requirements, depending on an individual's case, and are often run later in the day or during weekends to accommodate patients who are working.
  5. Intensive Outpatient Programs

    – These programs require longer hours of treatment (typically 20 hours per week) over a shorter time frame. They work best for those who are highly motivated to participate in a community and those who have the support of family and friends behind them. They are commonly seen as part of a step-down/aftercare package that offers therapy in relapse prevention, depression, anxiety and other dual diagnosis conditions that require additional support.
  6. Specialized Programs

    – Specialized programs vary from facility to facility. At One40, programs and treatments are tailored to the specific needs of individuals, taking into account conditions and preconditions that may affect the full recovery of each patient. Alcohol detoxification is not an easy task. We’ve found that people are often in unique situations that require some 1 on 1 attention. This ensures that we’re doing the best possible methods to make sure we see success, as we often do.

One40 has a number of different clinics that offer alcohol detox programs, in may locations across the UK, all manned by dedicated and highly experienced experts. These detox professionals ranging from doctors to therapists, nurses, and social workers, along with supportive volunteers; some of whom have been through these alcohol detox programs and can offer personal experiences and support.

This is not a subject that One40 takes lightly. We would strongly encourage you to give us a call with the number listed above, or contact us here to speak about how we can help and the successful results that we often see.