Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Alcohol Rehab Centers

Getting sober from alcohol is all about taking that first step and making a decision.Once a client has made that resolution, there follow some more small steps.

  • Asking for help
  • Completing an assessment
  • Coming into treatment

Throughout those steps support will be provided and on admission a carefully designed treatment programme will be formulated. From there we assist medically with a detoxification that allows our clients to cut back slowly on a planed programme, supervised by our Doctors and Nurses at one of our treatment clinics.  

This happens over a short time period, until gradually clients will not need a drink just to get through the day. Alternatively were possible many of our clients will be able to stop immediately and entirely without prolong withdrawal symptoms, enabling them to engage 100% with the therapeutic programme.  

Prior to coming to one of our clinics, if at assessment a decision has been made to take action and stop drinking in advance to coming into treatment, it is important that clear, realistic, and safe goals such as when to start drinking less, or committing to a healthier amount per day, are set with the help of the professional assessment team and or Doctor.

This said, it has been our experience at One40 that many alcoholics often cannot stop drinking all on their own, which is why we offer an excellent detoxification service. Our alcohol rehab centers really are  the safest, more comfortable option, where the much needed medical supervision can be given and where a therapeutic programme, the support of a  professional multi disciplinary team and the One40 Recovery Community, can totally benefit the client, in an alcohol-free environment.

At One40 we know that the goal of abstinence is achievable, for those that have come to believe they have an alcohol addiction problem and they want to stop. In the past a decision to cut back on alcohol or stop drinking completely without treatment or support, may have felt like a bargaining tool, the stopping and starting probably similar to a rollercoaster ride. This experience we know is exhausting and hugely isolating, it brings un-necessary shameful and guilty emotions to the surface, in our professional experience at One40 these emotions are difficult to deal with in sobriety.

For most alcoholics, especially those who cannot control their alcohol intake, it is best to enter the therapeutic environment of a residential treatment centre for a detox and where affordable a 28 day treatment programme, when a commitment to stop drinking entirely has been made.

One40 clinics will supervise the detox, facilitate a therapy programme that will help with the managing of emotions and will provide groups and workshops that will enable a long term solution to all addiction conditions so as to avoid any risks of relapsing into old habits, patterns and behaviours.

In advance of an assessment at One40; to help individuals, families and carers and where appropriate work associates, we can advise some short term supportive actions that will help those towards accessing one of our successful long term interventions in the treatment of alcohol addiction.

  1. If an emergency admission isn’t required prior to your admission date, together with our specialist assessment team and where required a community Doctor, set a drinking goal by limiting how much can be drunk in a day.
  2. Keep a diary/tally of drinking habits, triggers, emotions, events that stimulate excessive alcohol use, it can be brought into treatment and may be useful during the initial assessment.
  3. For the assessment counsellors to determine whether a detoxification programme is required, to be able to reference any diary that helped monitor and track how much was drunk daily prior to admission, will be extremely useful; but not essential.
  4. At One40 we would advise an immediate admission, when this isn’t possible we will help asses reducing the amount of alcohol available in the immediate surroundings.
  5. Prior to admission it is suggested not to isolate and keep suitable family/friends around that will support a  safe and supervised reduction plan/procedure.
  6. One40 can talk with your GP/Surgery if there are issues with psychical dependency on alcohol, we can admit 7days a week 24hrs a day.
  7. Drink slow, take a break in between drinks, and eat food! This will lessen your urges and keep your drinking at a minimum.

None of these points offer an alternative to the long term benefits of accessing a recognised treatment facility. It is statistically proven by enrol in a facility such as a One40 Clinic that long term abstinence can be achieved.  Our Alcohol rehab centers have the finest programs that can help you on the road to sobriety. Our facilities offer esteemed teams of clinical and therapeutic staff that make it possible for addiction, cross addiction,(shopping, gaming etc ) and trauma and shame issues  to be  addressed and resolved. The clinical staff will appropriately address other health and mental health issues, while also helping to manage any withdrawals more safely and more comfortably.

If you are having trouble stopping drinking all on your own, One40 is your partner to sobriety and addiction recovery. We are one of the most reputable alcohol rehab centers and addiction recovery facilities in the UK, with over 200 specialists taking care of each client's individual needs.