Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Alcohol Rehab Clinics

Whenever and were ever possible it is best to turn to alcohol rehab clinics; facilities that have everything you need to cope with your new, alcohol-free lifestyle.

At One40 we offer our clients centres that help facilitate positive change; therapeutic support, proper medical care, and counselling, which are the best tools you can have to face Addiction, Co-dependency and Trauma, A.C.T.

The A.C.T treatment model enables clients to engage in a schedule of Process Groups, One to One therapy and experiential Interventions including Mindfulness relaxation, Art Therapy and Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning.

At One 40 we work with our clients from the start of their treatment on a care plan that will support them in a continuing life of sobriety, identifying individual key elements; Biological, Psychological, Social and Spiritual, in their A.C.T treatment plan,  that will help them  improve self  knowledge on the  interventions and preventions they need to set out in relapse prevention action:-

  1. One 40 Family support programme – we offer support groups and supervised family sessions for close family and friends.  The support of your family members and close friends is invaluable when it comes to alcohol recovery. We support family therapy or couples counselling on leaving treatment.
  2. One 40 promotes the benefits of Sober social networks, our Recovery Community welcomes all our ex clients;  in some cases previous social circle likely revolved around alcohol. Now that you are motivated to remain sober, you may need to create new connections—sober friends who can help you in your recovery because they have been there before.
  3. One40 Group aftercare & workshops; our alcohol rehab clinics offer 12 months inclusive step-down care. In addition we urge our clients to integrate into safe community activities such as joining AA, NA, CA, CODA and SMART, in addition they may choose to join a church group.
  4. Our Recovery Community offers ex clients the benefits of getting involved in initiatives we have available through alumni: volunteerism, mentor support, shares and events.
  5. Sober living home – One40 can help in addition to rehab clinics, it may be necessary for a strong recovery that a safe and supportive place in a sober home is required, where you can continue to strengthen your recovery from your addiction in a completely alcohol-free environment, away from the temptations of your home and previous non-sober environment.
  6. Recovery support groups – make meetings with your recovery support group a priority and keep a regular schedule to help in your continuous healing. We will help you identify which groups are suitable and where possible support you with a mentor in your area.

Spending time with those who understand where exactly you are coming from and what you are going through can be very helpful in your healing. Shared experiences from group members also allow you to learn ways to stay sober.

The One40 Alumni and Recovery Community will help you design and manage an aftercare package which is realistic and achievabe.

It may be possible to quit drinking on your own, if you live in a supportive environment.

However can you really distance yourself from temptations and situations that can trigger your urges? Whatever you decide, support is essential if you want to successfully turn away from your old drinking/addiction habits.

Trying to stop yourself, doing your own ‘alcohol rehab’ plan can be self-sabotaging, destructive and in some cases dangerous,  unless you have therapy, treatment plans and workshops on the dis-ease of addiction you will find that; self control and self will is not enough.  In our professional experience at One40 we have never seen a client that doesn’t   need the support and encouragement of others to get through the difficult phases of rehab; this is a pivotal dynamic in a successful recovery.

One40 is UK's leading specialist in addiction and disorder therapy, offering you a number of day treatment clinics and residential facilities across the country. We welcome you with compassion and dedication and lend our expertise in healthcare, psychotherapy, and social support to help you on the road to sobriety