Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Alcohol Treatment Centers

Most alcohol treatment centers provide in-patient or residential and outpatient treatment programs, often tailored or recommended depending on your needs, drinking history, and health problems. The more intense and longer your drinking problem has persisted, the longer and intensive your treatment may be. Your lifestyle is also a determining factor on which treatment program is best for you.

Residential Alcohol Treatment

In residential treatment, you need to stay in a facility to undergo intensive, 24/7 treatment. The facility could be a hospital or a private establishment that specializes in caring for clients with addictions. The program normally last from 30 to 90 days, depending on the centre’s policies and principles. There are treatment centres that require you to stay in their facility so you can be monitored constantly as you undergo withdrawal symptoms.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Outpatient treatment or partial hospitalisation may be provided if you are undergoing medical monitoring but living in a stable environment with a supportive family and an alcohol-free home. You simply need to go to the hospital or treatment facility at least three to five days a week, and the treatment per session can last for at least four to six hours.

Outpatient treatment may include programmes like counselling as an individual or with a group (such as with fellow recovering alcoholics or with your family). Counselling can do you good if it is accompanied by other types of treatment, but it is also recommended as follow-up support or aftercare, where it is provided after completing your recovery programme in a residential treatment facility. Therapy provided by counselling can help you further understand and address the causes of your drinking problem, learn better coping skills, and repair relationships with your loved ones.

Things to Check Before Checking Into an Alcohol Treatment Programme

To decide which alcohol treatment centers to go to, remember to check for licensing and program accreditation, the effectiveness of their treatment methods, and the kinds of aftercare services that can prevent you from relapsing. You can also turn to renowned and proven treatment centres like One40.

One40 is more than just a rehabilitation centre for alcoholism and drug addiction. We have individual care planning, halfway housing, trauma specialists, and free aftercare. One40 has multiple locations in the UK, and there are no waiting lists. You can be admitted immediately in our BACP and CQC registered facilities. Learn more about our treatment programs in this website or call 0203 151 1914 or 0800 511 8112.