Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Alumni - One40 Recovery Community

Our Alumni division was created to support not only those that have recently left treatment but equally those that have been rewarded with the gift of long term sobriety. Like addiction, our Alumni is much farther reaching and we believe, like addiction, that families should also be an integral part of this exciting area.

It is the sole responsibility of our Alumni division to offer vital support to ex clients, their families and close friends. This may be a reassuring call or email or through the special events we run throughout the year. 

Being a part of One 40 Alumni gives clients the opportunity to stay connected with One40 professionals and clients, as well as being able to provide support and connect with other peers, continued access to the latest workshops and continued personal development

This is the space where all alumni clients can benefit from the continuing care One40 provides. For all our clients, we’re here to support their new knowledge and self-awareness that has developed during their time with us. Prior to the end of any specific treatment module, each client is introduced to the“One40 Recovery Community” and provided with a personalised handbook explaining what’s available to support them on their own individual recovery journey.

  • A secure ‘social media network’
  • Aftercare Groups
  • Events and Workshops
  • Alumni Mentors
  • Educational Groups
  • Newsletters

The “One40 Recovery Community” will help clients to formalise and develop strategies to support them, we collate information on aftercare, family therapy, self-help groups, educational material and specialist counselling/therapy contacts.

We keep all alumni clients up to date and informed of new specialised workshops on Relapse Prevention, Life Skills and Intensive therapy programmes.

Annual renewal programmes are also available giving clients the opportunity to deepen their understanding of lifelong recovery and to give support in difficult times.

Alumni offers the opportunity to maintain the connection between their treatment experience and a lifetime of recovery. We are dedicated to supporting those who have begun the journey of recovery with us.

Three Important Steps in Aftercare


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Relapse prevention

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