Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Bespoke Rehab Programme


We can assess an individual and refer them to the most suitable establishment to start their rehab programme. The centers which we recommend users to offer modular and flexible programmes, they will recognise that every client has different needs, and provide treatment according to the individual requirements.

Group work and one to one key worker sessions are all common features in rehab and the twelve step programme is also widely used in rehab. A bespoke service can offer a combined range of treatments, from medical and psychological care to spiritual and inspirational guidance, every method customised into a personalised package that will work best for the individual.

Anyone suffering with alcohol dependency, drug abuse, eating disorders, gambling or any other type of addiction can receive the rehab help needed to help them break away from a disruptive way of life. Addiction is characterised by a consuming relationship with a substance or behavior that is driven by a desire to feel something different, which results in a range of harmful consequences. Along with the centers we refer individuals to; we understand that every person is unique. Whether the rehab is needed for a physical dependency, psychological dependency or both, we are able to find a suitable center for the individual to conquer their addiction.