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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.


When people suffer from bulimia, life is a continuous battle between the yearning to lose weight or stay thin and the overwhelming compulsion to binge eat, this means to consume an extra-large amount of food which often leaves a very sick feeling, and then to exercise self-induced vomiting or in some cases, this is done with the use of laxatives or excessive exercise.

The most obvious and early symptoms of bulimia include being over anxious of body weight and shape. Many individuals with bulimia will often hide their binge and purge habits from others. There may also be other symptoms like tooth cavities, swelling of neck glands and depression or mood swings.

There is no sole cause of bulimia. While low confidence and concerns about weight and body image play key roles, there are many other contributing factors. In most cases, people suffering with bulimia have trouble managing emotions in a healthy way. Eating can be an emotional release therefore it is common for people binge and purge when feeling irritated, depressed, worried, or nervous.

Regardless of how long individuals have had bulimia, it is possible for them to discover how to take charge of their behaviour and achieve a successful recovery. It is common for clients to feel hesitant about giving up their binging and purging, even though it is causing tremendous harm to their bodies and rehab can help them realise that weight loss is not the key to happiness, confidence, and success.

Rehab or treatment for bulimia may include individual or group therapy, medical monitoring, nutritional counselling, and eating disorder education. It also helps to get to the core of the problem, the issues which trigger the clients’ difficulty in coping with stress, anxiety, apprehension, and depression.

We are available to help individuals with bulimia and other eating disorders get on the road to recovery. Once the individual has admitted their problem to themselves we can help with the next step. By calling us we will assess a client and refer them to the most appropriate treatment tailored to their own needs.