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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Cannabis Addiction Treatment

One40 provide a comprehensive and specialised detox for those addicted to Cannabis. You will be medically supervised every step of the way and this will reduce any side effects that you may have experienced in isolation or when you have tried to stop without medication and a safe environment.

Our treatment model is high impact and will help you therapeutically build the strength you need to recover from this addiction.

The information below is general and we provide it to help you gain a better understanding that we have a broad overview, however to really appreciate how we can help and our safe therapeutic interventions we suggest you call us to talk with one of our admissions specialists.

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Cannabis or marijuana can be addictive, with 10% of people smoking it succumbing to addiction. Some consider the plant to be harmless, but it can have negative consequences when used continuously without control. Entering into a rehabilitation program for cannabis addiction treatment helps those who have developed an addiction to this herb

Most adults who seek treatment for cannabis dependence or abuse have used the substance almost daily for over 10 years and have tried to quit many times. Those who are dependent on cannabis are also likely to be suffering from psychiatric disorders. More often than not, cannabis abuse goes together with alcohol and cocaine abuse. People suffering from cannabis addiction are more likely to develop depression and exhibit psychotic symptoms like manic-depression.

Are You Addicted to Marijuana?

It can be difficult to give up addiction to cannabis because of its addictive properties and maybe  because clients are typically reluctant to stop. If you think you are addicted to cannabis and want to stop using, it’s never too late. Recognising your addiction and dependency to marijuana is the first step to changing your life. From here on, you can seek addiction treatment.

Treating Marijuana Addiction

The type of cannabis addiction treatment you need will depend on factors like the intensity of use and the length of dependency.  The treatment program needs to be tailored to your current psychiatric and medical conditions. Residential, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalisation, and counselling are among the treatment programs available.

Choosing a Rehab Centre

Choose a treatment program or a treatment centre that is licensed and accredited by recognised entities like CQC, and make sure that the programs that they are providing are accredited and provided by well-trained and licensed addiction specialists and professionals. Choose a treatment program that will provide you with a reliable aftercare program, which is crucial because it prevents relapse. If the centre doesn't offer it, then check if they can refer you to a reputable support group or recovery service in your community. A good treatment facility should already have a discharge plan prepared for you even before you leave or finish your treatment program.

One40 is accredited and recognised across the UK for high-quality and reliable treatment programs. Our flexible admission policy ensures immediate help. We never put people on a waiting list. One40 has facilities across the UK. We provide free aftercare programmes, too. Talk to us today by calling 0800 511 8112.