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Cannabis Addiction

Using marijuana for recreational purposes is not as harmless as most think because it may eventually lead to cannabis addiction. According to the book 'The Science of Marijuana' by Leslie L. Iverson, a pharmacology professor at the University of Cambridge, between 10% to 30% of regular marijuana users eventually develop dependency on this herb, and 9% develop a serious addiction. 

When You Smoke Pot, Are You Considered an Addict?                                                 

No, not right away. Some people are able to successfully use marijuana experimentally and never become addicted. Compared to drugs, cannabis is also said to be easier to quit as it does not set off severe withdrawal symptoms. Still, those who quit marijuana do report bouts of mild depression, anxiety, GI problems, sleep disturbances, and nausea.

Unlike other substances, cannabis is considered mild, at least comparatively. Heroin and cocaine are certainly more physically harmful, and nicotine is much more addictive. Some studies even suggest that it is much difficult to quit smoking cigarettes than quit cannabis. This is why you will find a lot of people openly admitting to smoking pot recreationally. There are also groups advocating the free use of cannabis.

However, there is concern that the varieties of cannabis being produced nowadays are much stronger and more potent than they were years ago, and are therefore more addictive. There are now various strains of cannabis containing different THC amounts. Experienced smokers may have the ability to control or adjust their intake, but those who are not used to smoking marijuana risk taking too much and eventually developing dependence on this herb. 

Risks of Cannabis Use

While cannabis is not as addictive as drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol, it is still dangerous. Some 10% of recreational marijuana users develop addition, impairing their personal relationships and their careers. People who depend on cannabis for social and relaxation purposes also develop an unhealthy dependence that often affects all aspects of their lives in a negative way. They are unable to find better coping mechanisms and end up relying on cannabis instead of solving their problems. 

Get the Help You Need

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