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Cannabis Detox

When done properly and under medical supervision, a cannabis detox program can rid your body of contaminants that have accumulated from years of using marijuana. It is not equivalent to rehabilitation, but is an important part of the rehab process.

How Long Does It Take?

Cannabis detox does not happen overnight. THC—marijuana's active chemical—stays in your fat cells for a long time, making it difficult to remove. That is why cannabis stays much longer in the body than other drugs do. Even if you stop using for a few months and claim that you are sober, your body will still have traces of THC.

People who stop using cannabis typically experience withdrawal symptoms. You might go through physical withdrawal symptoms as well as mental or emotional changes. There's no way to tell before you quit what withdrawal symptoms you'll be experiencing and how uncomfortable they might be. Some people report minor physical discomfort, while some exhibit acute symptoms of withdrawal. How your body will react is unpredictable.

Insomnia is the most common withdrawal symptom. Once you stop using cannabis, you might not be able to sleep for a few nights or experience occasional sleeplessness for a few months. Other common symptoms are depression, vivid dreams, and nightmares. Cannabis minimises your brain's ability to dream, so when you stop, dreams come back very emotional, vivid, and repetitive. All of these symptoms are considered normal when recovering.

Other physical withdrawal symptoms include headaches, sweating, coughing out phlegm, and body odour. Some people have reported loss of appetite, nausea, cramps, and digestion problems during cannabis rehab. It is also common to experience dizziness, shaking, and tremors. Severe withdrawal symptoms and discomfort during the detox procedure must not be ignored. This is why it’s best to see a doctor who specialises in detoxing.

Checking into a qualified treatment facility like One40 can make it easier for you to detox from cannabis and deal with your withdrawal symptoms. One40 has multiple facilities in the UK. We are ready to provide immediate assistance when you need us and are very proud of our no-waiting list policy. We are registered with the BACP and CQC. Free aftercare will be provided to ensure that you stay on the right path and minimize the chances of relapse. To know more about your options or simply talk to one of our specialists, contact us through this website or call 0800 511 8112.