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Cannabis rehab

Marijuana or cannabis addiction, much like any other form of substance abuse, is a chronic condition that cannot truly be completely cured. The best a recovering addict can do, with the help and support of his or her friends, family, and counsellors is have the addiction in control and work hard to keep a relapse from striking. If you want to conquer your marijuana addiction, you need to commit and vow to stop using weed and reaffirm that commitment every day thereafter. This may seem simple enough, but to most addicts, it is an incredibly difficult task, which is why many find themselves in and out of cannabis rehab programs multiple times. Maintaining sobriety from marijuana can be extremely challenging. In fact, about 71% relapse to marijuana use after just 6 months of abstinence (Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment).

Choosing a targeted cannabis detox program is key to getting your addiction under control and combating relapse. Only with proper therapy can true healing start.

Fundamentals of a Successful Treatment:

  • When choosing a rehab program, you must remember that there is no one treatment that works for everyone. Rehabilitation programs must always be tailored to meet your individual needs, which is why it is important to enrol yourself in a program where your needs can be taken care of individually. These needs also change as time goes, which is why your plan must be reassessed by your counsellor/medical professional on a regular basis.
  • Your cannabis rehab program should cover all your mental, emotional, and physical needs. Just like any other forms of addiction, a holistic approach must be applied in order to target every aspect of health that affects the condition.
  • Regular monitoring should also be part of the program so that relapse can be dealt with as soon as they occur. This involves periodic drug testing to make sure that you maintain your sobriety.
  • To get proper care, make sure that therapies are easily accessible.
  • Success of a rehab program also has a lot to do with your commitment, so make sure that you stick with the program and avoid dropping out of the treatment earlier than expected or required to avoid relapse.
  • A positive attitude from you and the people around you is also among the most important element that increases your chances of getting out of your cannabis addiction.

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