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Cocaine Addiction


Drug dependencies, including cocaine addiction, often stem from many complex factors, which is why our treatment programs are comprehensive so as to address all the biological, psychological, social, familial, and environmental factors that contribute to the condition. Strategies need to assess the social, medical, as well as the neurobiological aspects of the drug abuse, as well as any co-occurring mental disorders that may require additional pharmacological or behavioural interventions. Treatment with us may involve a supervised and safe pharmacological detox. Along with the Behavioural interventions, such as our residential and outpatient therapies remain to be the only available form of treatment available for drug problems such as cocaine addiction. That can really work if the client really wants a better quality of life.

We have included a general overview of Cocaine Addiction below, yet we know that it is the same as any other addiction, once it grips you it is so hard to beat, alone it may feel like an impossibility to imagine life without it. Tired of the bargaining, the isolation and the pain, if you are ready for help, this dis-ease can be recovered from and a life free from all mood altering substances is possible.

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Cocaine addiction or dependence is the psychological urge to use cocaine (a highly potent and addictive drug) regularly. Cocaine use causes euphoria and creates high amounts of energy in the user, much like how caffeine acts in the body. Symptoms of cocaine abuse vary largely according to the method of ingestion. Snorting cocaine, for example may lead to nosebleeds, loss of olfactory senses, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, and chronically runny nose. In general, cocaine, especially when taken in large and unsafe doses, can cause paranoia, psychosis, mood swings, insomnia, tachycardia, high blood pressure, cognitive impairments, panic attacks, and changes in personality. Habitual abusers may even develop a transitory manic-like condition that is similar to schizophrenia and amphetamine psychosis, which can cause an individual to show signs of severe paranoia, aggression and tactile hallucinations. Recognizing cocaine dependence early on may ease the transition from your cocaine-abusive to a cocaine-free lifestyle. Just like other forms of addiction, prolongedexposure to the substance also strengthens dependence, which can make reversing the condition much harder.

Health Implications of Cocaine Dependency:

Cocaine addiction not only leads to symptomatic implications, but also to serious health problems such as:

  • Respiratory effects, such as respiratory failure
  • Digestive problems
  • Nervous system problems, such as strokes
  • Serious skin infections (due to injecting and skin popping)
  • Contracting HIV and transferable diseases through shared needles
  • Severe allergic reactions, and even
  • Death

Cocaine Addiction Treatments:

One40 is the best place to turn to for effective cocaine rehab programs for different types of addiction. Here, you get flexible treatment options and individual care planning to help you address the very root of your substance addiction. We even offer free aftercare to reduce your risk of relapsing into old habits.