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Cocaine Detoxification

Cocaine is a water-soluble drug that can easily and quickly spread throughout your body. Cocaine detoxification is provided alongside treatment or relief for psychological withdrawal, which occurs when you suddenly stop using the drug. The detox program for cocaine addition helps you through the mental and emotional withdrawal symptoms.

When you have used cocaine frequently in high dosages and then you suddenly stop taking the drug, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine gives you a sense of euphoria as it causes your brain to release too many biochemicals that give you the feeling of extreme joy and elation. You might not realize it while you are using, but cocaine's effects on other parts of your body can be deadly, or at least highly dangerous. A crash almost immediately follows once you stop your binge, accompanied by intense cravings for more cocaine. Shaking and vomiting don't occur, unlike when you're addicted to alcohol or heroin. Without these physical symptoms, it is easy to underestimate cocaine's addictive factors. But without help, consequences can be life threatening.

Detoxification is an important step to take if you want to overcome cocaine addiction and stop using this drug for good. When you've been using cocaine for a long time and you suddenly stop, you start feeling extremely down and display symptoms of depression. Apart from psychological dependency, prolonged use of cocaine may cause serious physical consequences, too. You need to be stabilised through professional care and treatment in a detox facility.

If you are using crack cocaine and powder cocaine, you might be a candidate for cocaine detoxification and psychological treatment. Detoxification all by yourself is not recommended. If you have been using for a long time, you will experience intense cravings if you suddenly stopped. For many people, these cravings are too powerful to ignore, and they end up using again and therefore doing the body even more harm. Make sure that your detoxification program is conducted by a qualified facility like One40.

We have residential and treatment facilities all over the UK. Our family of over 200 experts and dedicated staff is willing to help you overcome your cocaine addiction. To seek immediate help for yourself or for a loved one, contact us today by calling 0203 151 1914 or 0800 511 8112. One40 understands that everyone is different, so we'll make a unique treatment program that is suited to your budget, your lifestyle, and your unique medical needs.