Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Addictions . Cross-addictions . Trauma (A.C.T)

When a client makes the courageous decision to come to One40 for help, we will work with them to structure a A.C.T personal treatment plan that treats their specific conditions.

Psychologically, physically and socially addictions, cross addictions and trauma  can be an  all embracing scary experience, altering personalities and behaviours, turning law abiders into law breakers, the rational into obsessive, the hopeful into hopeless.

Only when it happens to someone we know or love, does it become a problem that affects directly. The reality is that most of us know someone who is affected and how devastating these conditions can be.

One40 believe that although someone may appear to present one addiction as their primary condition that invariably this is not always the case. We look at the whole person, a multi-dimensional perspective, enabling us to identify specific conditions and treatment needs.

The multi-disciplinary team addresses chemical dependency, substance use and the associated conditions equally and simultaneously. If a client has other cross-addictions such as sex, food, co-dependency and relationships or their life is negatively impacted by Trauma and Shame-bind conditions. One40 will structure the A.C.T personal treatment plan exactly as required for the optimum outcome

One40 is the home of an Innovative Private Treatment Synergistic Community;

Together with recognised leaders in the treatment of Addictive Disorders, Trauma & Shame-bind Reduction and Co-morbid Psychiatric Pathologies, One40 deliver a treatment emcompassing  addiction across the spectrum, (any addictive substance or process,) looking at the childhood /adolescent trauma and reducing its effects as a standard practice within the A.C.T treatment process. 

Naturally, during initial assessment and the early stages of the A.C.T treatment plan, we discuss and address the full spectrum of influences on our clients lives; psychological, social, biological and spiritual.

We look closely at how they have arrived at where they are now, This is essential in helping our clients establish a firm foundation for recovery.

Our philosophy is to focus very much on a 'living' model of treatment. Each individual client's A.C.T personal treatment plan can only be drawn up once we have a clear perspective of the clients experiences and view of their life.

A.C.T treatment delivers a  comprehensive, well-structured care plan carefully tailored to work with the presenting conditions inclusive of;

  • A really well organised positive environment.
  • A therapist who is knowledgeable, caring, firm but fair and an excellent role model.
  • The ability to make choices, influencing both their own lives and their environment.
  • A therapy programme which is carefully structured, positive, engaging and interesting.
  • Freedom from embarrassment, humiliation and criticism.
  • The dignity and respect they deserve.
  • The ability to regain control of their lives.

One40 specialist telephone counsellors are avalible today to help with any questions and our website guides  on    0800 511 8112 or 020 7060 1304