Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.


One40 focus on four fundamental layers which need to be addressed if we are to give the best possible chance of recovery from specific addictions and conditions.

Using. This is the substance or process than an addict uses to deal with feelings that they cannot handle.  Illegal drugs and alcohol are addictive, but sugar, nicotine, prescription medication, etc. are also mood altering as well as sex, shopping, gambling, exercise, relationships, and compulsive fixing of others. Without looking at, and being abstinent from whatever substance and / or process we are indulging in we cannot move forward.

Feelings. These are the physical and emotional reasons why addicts use, they are so strong (either cognitive or limbic) that addicts have to try to deal with them by using a substance or process that suppresses or medicates their effect.

When an unmanageable feeling is triggered there will be an automatic response that has been used before. Addicts will suddenly find themselves doing what they have sworn not to do. They have little or no cognitive understanding of why.

Trauma. Any event in our formative years which means we have triggers attached to events which caused us distress.

Clearly distress for a vulnerable child with little cognitive processing ability can mean that they get locked in our Limbic system, and will be triggered repeatedly. Thus generating strong emotions which are powerful enough to need immediate and considerable countermeasures, which in addicts mean using.

Sensitivity. We believe that the origin of addiction is a pre-disposition (almost certainly genetic in origin, just as some will have more sensitive smell or hearing) to emotional sensitivity.

This means that for addicts, any event that is emotionally arousing and not distressing (or mildly so) for a normal person may result in a much greater arousal and chance of limbic trauma for the addict.