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Understanding Alcohol Addiction

The vast majority of people mistakenly assume that being an alcoholic is based on how many drinks they consume

The truth is that, as with any other disease, there are various stages and levels of alcoholism.

Defined in its simplest terms, it is a chronic illness or disorder where there is a loss of control over drinking, leading to an addiction, which in turn can cause interference, in varying degrees, to major life functions.

Alcohol addiction has the ability to touch and affect every area of your life. It can destroy your marriage, wreck your career and ruin your health, as well as placing an enormous strain on your relationships with family and friends.

How many is too many?

How can you tell if you have a drinking problem? A common misconception is that if you can consume a few drinks without becoming intoxicated, you don't.

Before you know it, you're drinking more than you intended, or drinking at inappropriate times. This can often lead to a partial or even total loss of control.

About dependence

Dependence can be either psychological or physiological. The former typically refers to feeling discomfort without alcohol, even though there is no physical need for it. The latter is characterised by increased tolerance levels, changes within the brain and withdrawal symptoms.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that alcohol addiction is an illness, and that anyone unfortunate enough to have an alcohol problem deserves no less than the full support, understanding and empathy of those around them in aiding their recovery.

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