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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

David Smallwood

When asked about his passion and motivations towards clients in treatment for Addictive Disorders, David tells us:-   

“In all the years as a recovering addict and therapist in Primary Care, the two key issues that stand out are relapse and shame.

It is no surprise therefore that my quest as both a therapist and someone recovering from Addictive Disorders, is to address both of these key  issues alongside the presenting addiction,  in helping my clients recovery.

It always seemed (relatively) easy to help someone into recovery. To keep them there has been a source of bafflement and frustration for many years.

I now believe (it will come as no surprise to a number of people in the business,) that the two are inextricably linked.

For many years I was very sceptical of anything remotely presenting from the Psychodynamic school of thought and I still am, but I believe Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung got one thing completely right. That childhood experiences can significantly determine how we act and react as adults

I believe that if we are to move therapy forward we need to deal not just in the presenting problem; alcohol and drugs, but also the co-existing disorders (depression, bi-polar, personality disorders etc.) and cross addicting issues like sex, food and shopping. However even more importantly we must provide the perfect therapeutic environment with which to address the underlying sensitivity and childhood trauma that leads to shame and the need to medicate.

My vision (and becoming reality) for One40 is to treat addiction across the spectrum, (any addictive substance or process,) look at the childhood /adolescent trauma and reduce its effects as a standard practice within treatment process.

In treating addiction across the spectrum the treatment programme, with its core based on the Minnesota 12 step model, we will also focus on Non-cognitive Therapeutic Interventions inclusive of Mindful based meditation, Art Therapy, Equine Assisted Therapy, Drama and Music therapy.

I am an advocate of the belief that these models are designed to offer a gateway for our clients to connect the brains Limbic systems healthy functioning responses to the cognitive system. This has been more and more a standard of excellence in the USA but sporadic in the UK.

Together with One40 I intend to make this programme available to as many as possible, not forgetting what has worked for many years, but adding to its efficacy and improving the quality of our clients recovery.”


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