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Detox From Alcohol

If alcohol dependency is taking over your life, it might be time to detox from alcohol and get back on the right path. Not all detoxification programs are created equal. The intensity of alcohol detox you require depends on your drinking history and the severity of your problem, as well as your age and medical condition.                        

Alcoholism disrupts the regular functions of your brain. If you drink a lot, the brain starts to adjust itself to accommodate the alcohol. When you stop drinking, your brain will need to readjust itself to what is normal. During this process, it might send signals to your body that can cause you to feel withdrawal symptoms. 

On the milder end of the scale are nausea and dizziness. These withdrawal symptoms are common and expected when undergoing alcohol detoxification. Some people experience more serious physical symptoms such as tremors. Others feel cold while sweating at the same time, and some are unable to sleep. The intensity of the symptoms varies, too. Some recovering addicts go through painful and excruciating side effects, while others hardly feel anything at all.

Other symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include depression, irritability, shaking, loss of appetite, sweating, insomnia, fever, fatigue, agitation, black outs, seizures, headaches, convulsions, and delirium. You might notice moodiness, too. Why does this happen? You see, when you drink, alcohol makes you feel happy or giddy. Your inhibitions disappear as you gain a sense of fearlessness. However, when you stop drinking, the feelings you may have felt before will come back—and this time more intensely. You may feel more agitated than usual. Depression and anxiety may also worsen.

Detoxing from alcohol can likewise induce serious physical side effects like heart problems and seizures. Some people experience severe depression that they might be driven to harm or kill themselves. This is why medical supervision is very important.

Consider seeking the help of a treatment centre to detox from alcohol so you can be monitored by professionals who will ensure proper detoxification procedure.

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