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Drug Addiction Treatment

Sadly, drug addicts are often perceived by society as hopeless, weak, and powerless individuals with no chances of getting better or recovering.

This is not our view, at One40 we know from experience, given the chance and a quality drug addiction treatment, our clients can return to being productive members of society. Many recovered addicts also become inspirations for others; they often become mentors who can offer insightful, courageous, and honest advice to those who are still in the dark.

The first step to helping a loved one who has developed a dependence on drugs is to be open-minded. You need to banish all of your misconceptions about addicts and drug addiction, such as:

1. “Addicts are bad people and they must be punished.”

Anyone may develop a kind of addiction some time in his or her life, regardless of gender, economic status, race, or age. An addition does not make a person weak-willed, immoral, or bad. It is easy to be hostile and judgmental towards addicts because many of them do reprehensible things.

Addiction in our experience stems predominately from negative emotional states that occur in childhood and adolescence. Traumatic experiences often lead toward negative emotional feelings that are difficult to cope with, in the beginning the use of drugs and other substances act as a form of self medication to take away these feelings of pain, anger, shame and fear.

It is essential to note that in our professional opinion; prolonged drug use does make the brain change, causing them to cheat, steal, lie, and maintain their drug use.

With residential therapeutic treatment; these negative behavioural patterns can be addressed and positive changes will happen, keep in mind that to get better, sick people need to be treated—not punished or left alone.

2. “Addiction is a choice. It’s your fault you have not recovered.”

Recovery is not a function of willpower. Addiction is like a disease—some factors are just beyond control. Genetics can influence the risk of addiction, while environmental factors like upbringing, peers, and family life can aggravate it.

At One40 we offer treatment models that address Drug addiction and the prolonged effects;  it can change the function and structure of the brain, making it hard to control impulses, focus on other important things, and feel pleasure from other natural rewards like food or sex.

3. “You can only get addicted to a one type of substance.”

The A.C.T model we deliver at our clinics  looks at the whole person;  at all types of addiction, cross/process addiction, co-dependency and the reduction of trauma which often triggers the need to fix emotions/ self medicate.

Not all addicts are addicted to just one substance and stick with it. Some people suffer from 'polysubstance abuse' where they use three or more types of substances to achieve a more intense high. For example, heroin and cocaine are combined for 'speed-balling'. Others use certain drugs to counteract the bad side effects of another drug, such as drinking alcohol to counteract stimulants. Some may use a supplement for their drug of choice if it is not available, such as using prescription opiates if there is no heroin.

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