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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The One40 Relapse Prevention Programme.

Drug and alcohol recovery is a long process that persists for life. At all our clinics we place a massive emphasis on Relapse Prevention... Why?

Because life can be tough and difficult experiences can be expected, so especially in the earlier stages of treatment and recovery there can be setbacks.

However with the right treatment and aftercare relapse prevention support; a slip or a relapse into negative thoughts and behavioural pattern is less likely to happen. Yet if it does it shouldn't be viewed as a weakness, we won’t we will work with you so that it is turned into an opportunity to re-examine your continuing care plan.

Each slip or relapse is a turning point in your road to recovery, and an opportunity to recommit yourself to sobriety. At one of our drug and alcohol rehab we provide alumni and an aftercare package that will help support you through your recovery so that your experience is not one that is prone to slip ups, or a brief lapse, yet should it happen we can help ensure it does not have to trigger a full-blown relapse to your drug or alcohol abuse.

We know through personal experience that feelings of Shame, Fear, Anger and Pain can be experienced and these emotions are often the very same ones that brought us to our knees in our addiction prior to treatment.

Please believe that these emotions are not real to this situation, don’t give your recovery power away to them, pick up the phone, call support, get to a meeting, you are not alone and this is no reason to isolate yourself. You will be amazed; your recovery is still strong you just need to get through these next moments, minutes and hours with your recovery community all around you.

There is a difference between a minor slip-up and a major relapse. Slips are generally less serious and most people who pick up drugs or alcohol after a significant period of sobriety are often able to stop again right away as long as they take immediate positive supportive action.

While both a slip and a relapse are powerful occurrences, they have differing degrees of impact on an individual. Those who slip into drug and alcohol use are able to realize right away that their action was a mistake and are able to pick up with their recovery right after they have sobered up.

However, those who relapse completely often embrace their former addiction, falling right into its depths all over again. Relapses often start with minor slip-ups and progress into a full blown relapse, which is why it is important in fact we at One40 believe it is imperative to call us; to address slips immediately so as not to develop into a harder to treat relapse.

Avoiding Relapse

Throughout treatment you will work towards a step-down care plan that focuses on relapse prevention preparation.

To avoid a slip from turning into a major relapse once you have left a drug and alcohol rehab, you will have to address the issue as it occurs. Once you slip, make it a point to get rid of the alcohol or the drug right away or find an escape from the setting where you slipped and lapsed. Remind yourself that a minor slip doesn't have to turn into a relapse and avoid thinking that there is no reason not to take more alcohol or drugs now that you have already re-introduced some in your system.Most importantly, call your counsellor, sponsor, or a supportive friend/family to help you through your slip and get you back on track.

One40 Recovery Community is always there for you so make contact.

Dealing with relapse and even minor slips is much easier when you have the support of your sober community. At One40 we all look out for each other, and therapies are all designed with the help of expert professionals to prevent slip-ups that can turn into full blown relapses.