Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Opting to go to a residential rehabilitation clinic, not only takes you away from the very substances you are addicted to, but helps you deal with the daily triggers and events that lead to your substance abuse in the first place.

In a safe environment that is drug and alcohol-free, you can truly begin to put behind you the negative emotions evoked by the destructive behavioural patterns that are enmeshed in addiction.

By giving yourself the time and space to be nurture by a team of specialists and yourself; allows you to focus on re-building a life away from addictions. This way, you learn to live successfully, without fixing your negative thoughts feelings and emotions with the harmful influences of drugs and alcohol and you can start to live a prosperous life without them.

We see hundreds, and across the UK thousands of people graduate from rehab and are able to take control of their life even after years of substance abuse, so you have no reason to think that you cannot do the same.

We have a wide range of rehab and treatment facilities throughout our group, that you can turn to for an intensive program that can truly address your addiction and your specific health needs.

Our Professional facilities allow you to discover any underlying issues that may be affecting your inclination to drug or alcohol use. Addressing these issues makes sobriety a lot easier to achieve.

Every drug and alcohol rehabilitation program we offer is unique, for the benefit of each individual, but most will include behavioural therapies, which will help you address social, emotional, and environmental triggers so you can avoid relapsing into old habits. Behavioural therapies are among the most important aspects of any drug and alcohol dependence treatment program, the essence of our treatment model is the 12 step model. Through individual and group therapy sessions, ultimately we will help you change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. These therapies allow you to understand your own actions and how they affect your feelings and thoughts in relation to your drug or alcohol use.

Physical therapy and Limbic Stimulation Interventions such as Equine assisted therapy and Psychodrama are important components of our drug and alcohol rehab treatment model. Don’t panic we will not ask you to take part in amateur dramatics or muck out horses. These therapies are facilitated by specialist that will work with you in a way that is often without words. They are powerful interventions and some of the most popular with a vast majority of clients.

Some of our other therapies also include meditation practices along with recreational activities such as escorted day trips, which open up great opportunities to make lifestyle changes that can help you recover fully from your substance dependence.

Rehab isn't complete without proper after care, which will guide you through complete recovery as you return to your home environment, where you will have to deal with and beat your former triggers.

If you are looking for a rehab program that offers great flexibility and an effective aftercare program to help you through some of the most crucial stages of recover, then One40 is the best place for you. We provide you access to the best drug and alcohol rehab care in all of UK.