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Drug Detox 101 (where appropriate)

At One40, drug detoxification along with other substance addiction detox, is one of our treatment procedures, to help reduce and end physical dependence to a drug or any other addictive substance. Drug detox refers to a treatment process that address acute drug substance abuse. One40 are all to aware that without medical intervention detoxification from drugs can cause un-necessary uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, which can occur after discontinuation or during gradual cessation of drug use or substance intake.

One40 have a full team of clinical staff that will ensure our clients have an experience that is safe and that takes into account all their other co-existing issues.

One40  recognized 3 specific stages in our clients detox programme;

  1. Evaluation @  One40. Our drug detox assessment process begins with tests and examinations to see the kind and amount of substances, the client is presently under the influence of. Our attending clinicians will also evaluate the client to diagnose potential co-occurring disorders with the substance abuse, along with various mental health and behavioural issues that they may present
  2. Stabilization @ One40. In our second stage of detox, our specialists and focus counsellors walk our clients through the entire process of detoxification. Detox can be done with or without medication, although the former is used more commonly. Part of the stabilization process is explaining what to expect during the treatment as well as the recovery process. In many cases, people close to our client (family, friends, and loved ones) are also brought in to help with the process by showing appropriate support and involvement in each clients individual continuing therapeutic treatment model at One40 or possibly their step-down/aftercare relapse prevention plan.
  3. Therapeutic Treatment Model @ One40. The final stage of detoxification involves progressing our clients to fully engage in the A.C.T treatment model. Drug detox deals with a person's physical dependency to drugs and integrally alongside this process One 40 therapeutic model address the psychological facet of addiction. This stage, therefore, at One40 is pivotal in helping to support our clients in engaging fully in our intensive recovery treatment programme.


Important Things to Know About Drug Detox:

  • Drug detox is often an essential component in the One40 rehabilitation treatment programme. To truly benefit from our therapeutic treatment and therapy we remove all drug toxins from your system (where medically appropriate.) This allows for the first stages of physical healing to begin, by enabling the body to expel all the dangerous un-necessary elements and chemicals.
  • Detox alone is not a cure for drug addiction. It only forms part of the process of breaking your addiction cycle.
  • The process should be done under proper medical supervision to lessen and ease withdrawal symptoms and have a safe place to help endure one of the most challenging and difficult periods of overcoming addiction. Medical supervision also helps prevent the risk of relapsing into drug abuse.
  • Detox duration varies from individual to individual, but it generally lasts for 2 to 9 days, depending on the length, intensity, and type of drug used.
  • Returning to drug use after detoxification will likely cause your body to have increased intolerance to drugs and other substances.
  • Detox programs such as the ones offered at One40 protect our clients and their privacy. The thought of detoxification often causes clients anxiety, fear and resistance to treatment, which is why it is best to call us immediately so that we can reduce this discomfort and reassure you that at our established detox clinics you will receive comfortable and  safe care.