Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Drug Rehab Centers

Drug addiction has the potential to be life threatening and can happen to anyone. The good news is that treatment is highly and readily available. Recovering from drug addiction can be a life-long process, but with proper treatment from reputable and effective drug rehab centers, recovery can be a nurturing and flourishing experience.

Here at One40, we are more than just your typical rehabilitation centre. You won't have to wait to be admitted, as we are always ready to provide immediate support. We also provide flexible treatment options and individual care planning. One40 is a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation centre with dedicated and professional staff and trauma specialists. Best of all, our treatment packages are budget-friendly.

Thanks to science and research, our treatment programmes and the detox medications available at our high quality rehabilitation centres, stand above many others available in the UK.

Understanding that addiction is a developed brain disorder (dis-ease/illness,) not just a behavioural or social disorder, helps our clients and their families and friends appreciate what they have been trying to cope with. They will learn about how addiction and other cross addictions may have developed over a prolonged time, in intensity and unmanageability; often due to the need to self medicate and fix feelings that are too difficult and uncomfortable to live with.

We are committed to sharing our expert knowledge and learning’s with all our clients. Through our workshops and interventions clients have the potential to achieve long term abstinence.

It is our experience over a number of years of providing treatment for addition, that for many, addiction is not entirely curable, but it can be managed. In order to maintain abstinence, control cross-addiction dependency and stay strong in recovery, there is a need to go beyond the usual 12-step treatment process.

Our model of treatment and our therapeutic clinics provide an environment that does just that. We work intensely with Trauma & Shame reduction; in a safe and non judgemental setting clients start to face past traumas and childhood life experiences. They are given a gateway opportunity and via our non cognitive therapies, begin to express difficult and painful emotions; through art, music and psychodrama clients break free from disabling emotions and begin to live a full life in recovery. They accept that recovery is lifelong process, with a need to make a conscious decision to stay away from drugs and co-dependency every day.

Our treatment centres are easily accessible geographically, due to having many regional options. All One40 clinics are registered with the CQC and we provide free and quality aftercare.

The quality treatment and recovery options that are on hand at our drug rehab centers will be explained clearly, with flexible admissions and treatment opportunities that are tailored to the individual needs, history of drug use, and existing medical or health issues.


Seeking the Right Kind of Help; sadly, in certain settings addicts can be treated as second-class citizens. They are given no importance and perceived as burdens to society. Even sadder still, there are treatment centres that claim to provide treatment by shaming them and using confrontational methods. This is despite research clearly showing that, shame only aggravates the chances of relapsing.

The celebrity culture does not help; there are drug rehabilitation centres often misrepresenting what recovery and treatment should be. They give the impression that you need to go to luxurious treatment centres abroad with holistic treatments and upscale amenities in order to recover. This is not the case these treatments are available across the UK.

The mainstream media also feeds misconceptions about drug rehabilitation; often painting it as a ‘suffering’ that an addict must go through. These misconceptions can be discouraging, but you should not let them stop you from seeking the right kind of help.

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