Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Drug Rehab Centre

Like most drug addicts, you might be intimidated or unsure about going to a drug rehab centre and that is certainly understandable. To ease your anxiety, it may help if you know what to expect so you can plan ahead and prepare yourself before checking in. Rehabilitation centres are not all alike, but some factors remain the same. They vary in terms of admission processes, treatment and aftercare options, and the quality of their programmes and amenities, but of them follow a standard set of general guidelines. 

What to Expect During Drug Treatment

By knowing what to expect once your start treatment, you can prepare yourself for easy transition into the facility. There are treatment centres that only work with a certain demographic like the elderly, young adults, or teens, while others cater to specific addictions like heroin addiction and alcoholism. Your treatment centre may use certain methods or programmes to help you overcome your addiction and achieve long-term sobriety. It can be the 12-steps method, behavioural therapy, or a holistic approach. Regardless of the treatment methods and programmes, your treatment will only be successful with a personalised or custom treatment program that is tailored to your individual needs.

When you already have a treatment facility in mind and an admission date, you need to prepare for your stay. Most rehab centres will request that you pack a few clothes, insurance, ID, a small amount of cash, and personal care items. Of course, you are not allowed to bring alcohol and drugs. If you have doctor-prescribed medication, you need to give them to the staff and they will be the one to administer it if needed.

Rehabilitation Procedure

The medical staff will assess you and your history of drug use. Your unique medical conditions will be evaluated by qualified therapists who will then create the best treatment program for your needs. Detoxing is typically the first step. This stage can be extremely difficult and scary for many patients, but because you're in a good rehabilitation centre, you'll receive 24/7 care and support from the staff to help you deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Therapy and Post-care Programmes

The actual recovery process begins after detox. By this time, you will be undergoing counselling and therapy sessions to help you understand why you're using drugs, and to help you heal psychological or emotional issues that may have caused your addiction. Underlying issues will be addressed, too, and you'll more healthy methods of dealing with your anxiety and stress without having to rely on drugs to feel better. Group counselling and family therapy may also be integrated into the program.

When rehabilitation is over, a good drug rehab centre should have an aftercare plan prepared for you. This can provide outpatient therapy to ensure long-term sobriety and abstinence while helping your transition back to society and to a better life. Learn more about the drug rehabilitation programmes offered here in One40. We'll tell you more on what you can expect from our centre when you call 0800 511 8112.