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Drug Rehab Clinics

Drug addiction is a complex, multi-dimensional illness that can disrupt many different aspects of your life. Drug use starts voluntarily, but addiction begins when this voluntary act becomes an uncontrollable craving that is beyond your ability to choose whether to get or not to get your fix. Drug consumption, therefore becomes a compulsive act that can damage your health, your life, as well as your relationships. Because addiction has so many dimensions and affects every aspect of your life, treatment is never simple. Programs in drug rehab clinics and even day treatment centres often incorporate a long list of components, each addressing a particular aspect of the disease as well as its consequences.                                                   

Often, the first aim of an addiction treatment is to help you stop using the drug or substance you are addicted to, therefore cleansing your body out of all the toxins your drug use has left in your system. Later on, you will learn how to live and maintain a drug-free lifestyle and then achieve functioning and productive relationships in your family, in the society, and at work.

Addiction is a chronic disease and you cannot simply stop your drug use for a week or so and call yourself cured. In most cases, long-term and repeated episodes of care and treatment are required to sustain abstinence and achieve full recovery. Here are some key principles of an effective drug abuse treatment program:

  1. Addiction is complex condition affecting brain function and behaviour, but it is treatable.
  2. There is no single treatment that is appropriate for everyone.
  3. Treatment should be readily available.
  4. Treatment must attend to your different needs, not just your drug abuse.
  5. Remaining in treatment for the recommended period is critical for success.
  6. Counselling, along with other behavioural therapies are important and are among the most commonly used, and highly effective forms of treatment for drug abuse.
  7. Medications are also an important element of treatment, combined with individual/group/community counselling and behavioural therapies.
  8. Your treatment program must be constantly monitored, assessed, and modified to meet your changing needs as you progress in the treatment. Continuous drug use monitoring is also important to avoid lapses during treatment.
  9. Medically-assisted detox is just one stage of treatment and it does not cure long-term abuse by itself.
  10. Treatment has to be voluntary.
  11. Treatment should also address other diseases diagnosed through your initial assessment to regain health.
  12. Drug rehab clinics are the most effective places that can help cure and put your drug addiction under control. Places like One40 are staffed by medical professionals and specialists who know everything there is to know about drug addiction and how to address it.