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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Drug Rehab UK Program

When looking for a substance abuse program or any other type of addiction treatment program, remember that addiction is a multi-faceted condition that goes differently for everybody. Everyone has different needs and generally speaking, the longer and the more intense your drug use is or has bee, the longer and more intense your treatment ought to be. Whether you are taking a week- or month-long drug rehab UK program, support and constant follow-up and aftercare are essential if you want to fully recover from your drug abuse. An effective drug abuse treatment program will not only cover your substance use, but will also address all the emotional implications and other life issues and problems that may be contributing to your addiction.

Many rehab centres are advertised as tranquil havens, complete with gorgeous views of nature. While amenities and luxuries like these are nice to have, they are not necessarily must-haves. When looking for an effective substance abuse facility or treatment program, focus on the essentials and on what is truly important—quality of the care program, staff and facility credentials, and follow-up and aftercare services:

  1. Program accreditation and staff licensing. You should always look at your prospect drug rehab UK facility's credentials. Check if they have proper licensing and if their program is accredited by the appropriate authorities. You also reserve the right to know whether or not the program is run by well-trained and duly licensed medical, mental health, and addiction professionals and specialists.
  2. Treatment methods and effectiveness. Don't forget to check on the success rate of their program. If the rehab centre is serious about helping people, they should monitor their own statistics or be willing to be studied by outside agencies that can give a more objective review. A high success rate is always a good sign of an effective program
  3. Aftercare services. In order to prevent relapse, you also need an effective aftercare or follow-up program to complement your concluded rehab period. If your rehab facility doesn't have their own aftercare program, they should at least be able to refer you to a support group or another facility that provides one. Leaving the program without proper follow-up can be a ticket to relapse.

 One40 offers complete addiction and disorder treatment programs that start from diagnosis and assessment of your condition and continues on until aftercare to make sure you avoid going back to your old habits and slipping into your old or a new addiction.