What Happens At The One40 Drug Rehab Centres

At One40, drug rehabilitation (drug rehab) is a treatment process that involves psychotherapeutic and/or medical detoxification procedures in order to reduce as well as ultimately free clients from the physical and  psychological dependency on various psychoactive (chemical) substances found in Drug Rehabilitationcertain types of prescription drugs, street drugs (cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, etc.), and alcohol. The main intent of the One40 drug rehab treatment model is to help the patient cease substance abuse and therapeutically address the addictive disorders and their consequences in the following ways:

  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Legal
  • Social
  • Financial

 The drug rehab and treatment programs where required include detoxification (removal of toxic substances from the body), where necessary, medication for depression and underlying disorders, and expert counseling. One40 takes a 4 elemental approach to the treatment of addictions.

  1. Biological
  2. Psychology
  1. Social life
  2. Spiritual

The Psychological Aspect of Drug Rehab

The drug rehab program at One40 takes it shape as part of the A.C.T treatment model for addiction, cross addiction and trauma.  We take an overview of the client’s physiological dependency and also their psychological dependency on the abused substance and addictive disorders. Our drug rehab also attempts to teach the client new and alternative methods of interacting, interpersonal behaviors in a therapeutic, safe and secure environment, and if possible for the client completely drug-free. Our programs also emphasize the reality that recovery from substance abuse, whether alcohol or any other addictive drug is without culmination—a permanent process that embraces changes in a patient's habits and lifestyle, so as not to relapse into their addictions.

Types of Drug Rehab Treatment Programs

One40 is a leading specialist in addiction and disorder therapy, with residential and day treatment centers and facilities across the UK. Many people seek out our professional drug rehab centers and professionals from all over the world. With over 200 experts ranging from GPs to psychotherapists, Drug Rehab Centrescounselors, nurses, psychiatrists, and support workers, patients can expect a whole range of personalized service whatever addiction problem they might be struggling with.

There are many different types of drug rehab programs designed to cater to the needs of individual patients. Just like any other health or mental condition, drug addiction is different for each patient, which is why customized and individualized treatment is required.
Different kinds of rehabilitation programs are available and can be done through in-patient (residential) treatment, outpatient programs, extended care centers, local support groups, sober houses, addiction counseling, mental health care and medical care. There are also gender and age specific programs that take into account the varying needs of each demographic.

Drug rehab may also involve pharmacotherapy (detoxification) to treat dependence and addiction on opioid medications such as morphine, heroin, oxycodone, and similar drugs. At One40 we believe it is vital for clients to access alongside detox, behavioral and non-cognitive therapies to help reduce trauma and shame and to prevent relapse. Familiar types of behavioral therapies include 12 Step therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy, which help clients recognize and cope with situations which may trigger relapse, along with multidimensional family therapy, and motivational treatments which uses motivation and positive reinforcement to change behavior and encourage abstinence. Counseling and experimental treatments are also integral components of the one40 clinics rehabilitation programs.

Drug Rehab Is Necessary

Drug rehabilitation is never a fun topic or subject to discuss. We understand the nature and reasons behind having patients come to our wonderful facilities and centers. We are professional and discreet. Your personal information and identity is kept completely confidential. You won’t know the extent of our abilities to help heal a bad situation until you reach out. Please give us a call with the phone numbers below, or contact us through this website, and we’ll be happy to help.

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