Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Finding help for your drug addiction can be difficult and overwhelming. But there’s no need to fear. It’s now easier than ever to find drug rehabilitation centers that are suitable for your needs and your budget.          

Do I Need Help?

Abusing drugs can affect not just your life but the lives of those close to you, including your friends and family. There are effective and readily available treatment programmes and methods that can help you recover and live a better life—one that is no longer dependent on drugs. 

Are you reluctant to seek help? The thought of entering rehab and abandoning the drug that gives you comfort from your problems may be frightening, but it is more frightening to lose your life—pr even the lives of others—to drug addiction. By continuing to be the way you are, you are putting the lives of your loved ones at risk, too. Some drugs can change the way your brain functions, making you violent or unable to make rational judgments, leading you to commit crimes against others or to harm yourself. The threat of an overdose is also ever present.

The good news is, there are drug rehabilitation facilities all over the UK, so help is always available if you decide that you want to stop abusing drugs and change your life for the better.

You Cannot Quit By Yourself

Checking in to a drug rehabilitation centre is much more effective than trying to quit by yourself. You need to seek and receive treatment from a rehab facility so you can get the proper care and medical attention that you deserve. Treatment will be provided by qualified and licensed medical professionals. The type of treatment that you'll receive will depend on your history of drug use, health problems, and other personal needs. Some of the most highly recommended treatment centres are those that provide residential or in-patient treatment with aftercare. If your current life circumstances do not allow residential care, you may also enrol in an outpatient program that requires you to visit the facility at three times a week for four to five hours a day. During these visits, you will attend individual counselling sessions, group therapy, and psychotherapy.

Where to Go

One40 is among the leading drug rehabilitation centers in the UK. Flexible admissions and multiple locations across the country ensure that you can easily check into our drug rehabilitation program without being placed on a waiting list. We are registered with the CQC and BACP, and we provide uniquely tailored programmes like individual care and free aftercare. Call 0800 511 8112 or 0203 151 1914 for more information.