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Drug Rehabilitation Centre Treatment

Identifying and recognising drug addiction as well as accepting that someone from your family is addicted to drugs can be difficult. This person could be your spouse, parent, child, sibling, or a very close relative. Knowing that a loved one is addicted to drugs can be heartbreaking, and you might find yourself lost and confused, wondering how or why someone from your family could turn to drugs. To save them, you need to intervene and consider calling a drug rehabilitation centre for help. But your work doesn’t stop once they agree to go to rehab. You need to provide ongoing support, especially if family involvement is required in the aftercare programme.                                                         

Are You an Enabler?              

The most difficult thing to accept is the possibility that you could be the enabler of your loved one's drug addiction. Family members often do not know how to address the problem and might even be afraid to talk about it. Some are ashamed to admit that there is an issue. What they don’t know is that ignoring the problem is the biggest mistake they are making. In order to help your loved one, you need to be supportive, gentle, and understanding—not judgmental. Positive involvement from you and the rest of the family is absolutely necessary for rehabilitation.

Your Family is Different

A drug addiction specialist and counsellor can help your family in the mediation or intervention process. A non-confrontational and private, honest talk can be arranged where you will sit with your loved one and the counsellor.  Positive involvement can be powerful in mending relationships and opening up regarding underlying issues, which may have caused the downward spiral of the addicted member of your family. 

Continued support is important throughout the course of the treatment program in a drug rehabilitation centre. Frequent interaction with family members is encouraged, so treatment centres allow you to visit. You might be invited by the therapists to a family counselling session, too.

Once your loved one has completed drug rehabilitation, he or she needs even more care and support. Your role goes on throughout the aftercare programme, and even beyond that.

Learn more about how your family can be involved with the drug rehabilitation programme for your loved one here in One40. We offer flexible admissions in multiple locations in the UK. One40 is registered with the BACP and CQC, and we provide varied treatment programmes that are suited to most budgets.