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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Ketamine Treatment

The most important thing about ketamine treatment and rehabilitation is full cooperation of the user. Deciding that you are ready to stop using drugs to regain control over your life is a good turning point for your addiction, and there are a lot of treatment options that you can consider to effectively rid yourself of the consequences of using and abusing Super K. treatment for ketamine addiction is quite similar to treatment methods for cocaine addiction.

In-patient treatments are among the most popular and highly recommended methods for ketamine rehab. Enrolling yourself in an in-patient facility means that you are willing to leave your current living conditions and be placed under the care of a medically supervised treatment centre. This way, you can go through the detoxification process safely and reduce chances of early relapse because of unsupervised detox. Inside a treatment facility, you can be monitored 24/7, which is especially helpful, especially when you are dealing with more than one addiction or have tried stopping ketamine use but relapsed—which often makes it harder to deal with the addiction.

When you arrive in a ketamine treatment facility, detox is the first order of business. This means a complete cessation of all alcohol and drug intake, which can also cause different kinds of withdrawal symptoms, just like with other types of substance abuse. To help you get past this stage, you will receive care and support from medical teams, specialists, psychological experts, as well as other people who have been in your shoes once and are doing greatly with their recovery.

Some common withdrawal symptoms that you can expect from ketamine addiction treament  include flashbacks, inability to stay in touch with reality, extreme agitation/aggressive behaviour, decrease in respiratory/cardiac functions, and nightmares. With extreme withdrawal symptoms like these, it is especially important to have round-the-clock supervision during detox.

Behavioural and psychological therapies are also an important part of treatment. Through these kinds of therapies, your counsellor or psychologist can identify the reasons behind your drug abuse, along with underlying issues that will have to be addressed in order to eliminate the drug from your lifestyle altogether. Group treatment or therapy can also help you share experiences and celebrate milestones with other people undergoing the same experiences or have successfully gone through rehab.

One 40 provides you with a wide selection of treatment options that will address your specific addiction or behavioural disorder. We offer flexible admissions and multi-disciplinary approaches to make sure all issues are addressed during and after treatment.