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Methadone Rehab

Methadone can be a true lifesaver for opiate addicts (heroin, etc.), but it also has great addictive potential. This synthetic drug doesn't only help in treating prescription drug or heroin addiction, it is also very useful in remedying chronic pain and even persistent coughs. However, because of its opiate traits, this drug is also addictive in nature. Many recovering addicts taking methadone to help them manage heroin addiction often find themselves dependent on the drug, unable to survive without regular intake. And while methadone suppresses effects of heroin withdrawal, withdrawal symptoms from the drug can be just as brutal, if not more challenging to overcome. Skipping a day of methadone may give you cold sweats, anxiety, and back pain. When you notice these symptoms after skipping a dose, then it might be best to consider the possibility of having developed a dependency and undergoing methadone rehab.

Detoxification from methadone and complete methadone addiction treatment may be necessary for those who have used it for treating another drug addiction, but ended up developing a dependency on the drug. Because methadone has the same characteristics as many opiate drugs, addiction is a real danger, and increased tolerance can be very dangerous. Treating methadone addiction requires the overseeing of a qualified medical professional to ensure the rehab's success.

Methadone rehabilitation starts with detox, just like many other kinds of drug rehab programs. This means a complete cessation of methadone intake or a gradual reduction of dosage in order to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Rapid detox is recommended for those who choose to do treatment in an in-patient facility, where they can be monitored and cared for during the entire process. Rapid detox is more likely to produce withdrawal symptoms than gradual detox, which is an option if you want to do outpatient treatment.

Following your methadone detox, you will be transferred to a treatment program, which will now focus on the psychological aspects of your addiction. The detox period should have addressed your physical addiction to the drug, after which, you can focus more on dealing with your emotional or mental dependence on it. Finding a sober living facility or an in-patient centre that can help you with therapies and other treatment procedures, while also offering excellent aftercare programs is important to ensure success of your treatment.

One 40 is one such treatment facility, specializing in the treatment of a wide range of behavioural disorders and substance including methadone addiction.