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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Methadone Rehabilitation

While it can be crucial to pain relief, methadone is a narcotic, and like other prescription drugs, it can be prone to abuse. It is also used as an aid in treating heroin addiction. If you know someone or you yourself have a problem with methadone addiction or abuse, you need to consider methadone rehabilitation treatment. There are rehabilitation centres that can help you overcome your addiction to methadone. Addiction specialists and a qualified team of medical experts can provide the best care and treatment that you deserve to safely stop your dependence.

Why You Need Supervised Treatment

Addiction and overdoses can be caused by intentional or accidental misuse or overuse. When you're addicted to methadone, you develop mental and physical cravings to it. Likewise, you can be dependent, even when you take it correctly.

Finding a Rehabilitation Centre

There are many recovery and rehabilitation centres offering treatment. You can choose between an outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation centre. Inpatient rehab is usually recommended so you can have a completely drug-free and structured environment for recovery as you remain in the treatment facility for at least four weeks. Outpatient rehab won't require you to stay in a treatment facility and is cheaper, but there is a higher risk of relapse if you have freedom in the outside world.

In deciding which rehabilitation centre is best, you need to consider what they are offering. A good rehab centre should provide both inpatient and outpatient services, detoxification programmes, convenient payment plans, 24/7 care provided by qualified physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals, and optional alternative therapies. Choose a methadone treatment centre that is near your home, so even when you're already in the aftercare programme or you chose the outpatient service, it is easy to visit.

Methadone Treatment Centres offer various programmes with different lengths, usually ranging from 30 to 90 days (sometimes longer). Your programme will depend on how long you have been using methadone, the severity of your addiction and dependency, and your current health conditions. That's what we do here in One40.  A good programme must be tailored to those needs, and it will include detoxification so you can safely wean yourself from methadone and deal with withdrawal symptoms. After detox, you can start with the rehabilitation process, which may include nutrition programmes, group or individual therapy, and medication to help avoid relapse.

Consider One40 as your option for methadone treatment. We're a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation centre that is registered with the BACP and CQC. We provide flexible housing and treatment options, individual care planning, and free aftercare. There are no waiting lists, so it's easy to be admitted into our treatment centres all over the UK. Learn more by calling 0800 511 8112 or 0203 151 1914.