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Methadone Treatment

Treating opium addiction or dependence may require the use of methadone. A methadone maintenance treatment programme involves the use of this drug as a long-term prescription to serve as substitute to opium. During methadone treatment, you also need to undergo psychosocial and medical services, including case management and provision counselling.

Understanding Methadone

People with opioid dependence and those who need efficient chronic pain management are prescribed with methadone. It can be used for treating opioid addiction because it helps you develop cross-tolerance, in which methadone cancels the effects of other opioids that you have taken. Cross-tolerance develops when two similar substances act on the same receptors in your brain.When treating opioid addiction and dependence, methadone is orally taken and dispensed in approximately 100 millilitres of liquid that can be mixed with a beverage, such as orange juice. It is not injected. Once you are stabilised by the right dose, methadone can minimise your cravings for opioids and prevent withdrawal symptoms caused by opioids. If you're addicted to heroin and other opioids, methadone will reduce their euphoric effects. It won't put you in a state of intoxication like euphoria and sedation.

What Methadone Can Do

Opioid withdrawal can be difficult as it makes you feel restless, nauseated, weak, and fatigued. Withdrawal symptoms can also include insomnia, leg cramps and muscle aches, diarrhoea, drug-seeking behaviour, and back aches. With methadone treatment, you can alleviate those withdrawals while reducing your cravings. Methadone lasts longer in your system—around 24 to 36 hours—so it can only be administered once a day. Humans are slow to develop tolerance to methadone, too, so treatment can be maintained indefinitely and considered medically safe, as long as it is properly prescribed by a qualified physician.

Research has revealed the cost-efficiency of methadone as treatment for opioid addiction and dependence, and other studies have revealed its benefits in minimising mortality, criminal activity, the use of injectable drugs, high-risk behaviour, and opioid use. It can also help improve your mental and physical health, quality of life, retention in your treatment programme, and your transition back to society.

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