Schedule of Workshops 2014

One40 and TW London have collaborated to create one of the most effective trauma reduction programmes available in the UK.

These therapeutic trauma workshops will give you the resolve you need, to release yourself from historical shame binds, fear and panic. We will hold you safely as you commit to facing past life events and potential triggers of the future.

Working on past traumas and looking at what evokes high levels of anxiety, panic and depression for you, whilst trying to maintain an abstinence based recovery, will help bring about empowerment for lasting change.

Course information:    Therapeutic Workshops 2014

Get Relief from Drug Addiction by Joining Drug Rehabilitation Centres

At One40 we know that Addiction relief goes further than getting sober from the substance you are addicted to, which is why detox alone doesn’t and cannot cure drug abuse. Treatment should address all levels of well-being, from the physical to the psychological and the emotional. Aftercare is also important so the risk of relapse can be reduced. Joining a drug rehab centre is the best way to beat addiction. With a community of specialists, therapists, and doctors, along with people who are dealing with most of the same things you are going through, rehab centres can truly be a healthy place to overcome your drug problem. The best rehab centres will never force you to enter rehab and go through a generalised program, because one, treatment from drug addiction should always be voluntary, and two, each addiction case is different and requires a specialised program tailored to suit your individual needs.

Our drug rehab facility services have all the necessary tools, programs, and people to help you remove drugs from your system, lifestyle and choice. It’s an opportunity to start a new with a fresh perspective and a healthy mindset about a drug-free life. While outpatient treatment shows great benefits, in-patient rehab can proves to be more advantageous for some people, especially those that require constant monitoring and supervision due to heavy dependence.

In-patient drug rehabilitation is very effective in addressing the psychological aspects of drug abuse. Our established rehab centres know how to assess your history of drug use and our recommend transitional therapeutic methods overcome the problems. They also offer a wide range of psychotherapy options, coupled with various styles of treatment to provide for the varying needs of each individual client. One-on-one sessions and group therapy are just some of the things you can expect from drug rehab, along with therapy sessions with your family, where they can learn more about your condition and how to help you cope with the recovery process, especially as you transition back to society.

Drug rehab facilities help you start a process of emotional healing, in addition to physical and psychological relief. In most cases, short term isolation from your world, where emotional triggers like relationships, arguments, work stress, depression, and pressure are at your disposal is the advised way to overcome addiction. This is especially true when a huge part of the root cause of your addiction stems from these emotional issues. If you want relief from addiction, our rehab centres can help you address all aspects and root causes of your condition.