Let’s Talk About Sex

More and more people are presenting to addiction services for problems with compulsive sexual behaviours and/or pornography use. And whilst many of the issues are common to other addictions, sex addiction presents unique challenges. Few addiction professionals are trained in sexuality and that’s why One40 have linked up with sex therapist and sex addiction specialist Paula Hall to develop a training programme that addresses common treatment dilemmas. As well as exploring the latest from neuroscience, the role of attachment and trauma in developing sex addiction and common treatment strategies, the training will also answer questions such as:-

  • When is a fetish or paraphilia a compulsion and when is it a healthy expression of sexuality?
  • What is ‘healthy’ sexuality?
  • How can I work positively with erotic transference?
  • Why is internet porn so powerful?
  • How do I know if my client just has a high sex drive?
  • When is desire an evolutionary drive and when is it a compulsion?
  • What do I do when a client crosses the line into offending behaviours?
  • How can I teach a client to masturbate mindfully?
  • How can I help a gay man define sexual sobriety in a nonmonogomous relationship?
  • How can I help partners to feel less betrayed?
  • What do I do about erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation?

If you’d like help in answering any of these questions, then join us for this exciting training collaboration and contact info@paulahall.co.uk for a booking form.