Bullying & Shame Bullying

One40 & TW London

Bullying & Shame Bullying is not new, but today’s multi media communications  have opened the floodgates to a more relentless and wide  ranging form of this soul-destroying abuse. TW London are the UK’s leading Trauma Reduction specialists  who continually see the devastating impact that childhood  bullying has on its victims and their families: ‘the erosion of self esteem; the inability to enjoy life to the full; the feeling of shame; the possible consequences of self harm; drug abuse, sexual acting out and suicide’.

What can be done to reduce this sickness within our society?  How can we stem the tide of devastation caused by bullying? TW London is addressing these questions at a seminar on Monday 22nd September 2014, at 7.30 pm One 40, 140 Harley Street, London. W1G 7LB

Sarah Bridge LCSW is a passionate anti bullying campaigner.  Sarah will speak on the epidemic problem of bullying and will  lead discussions on its origins and how parents and other  important adults in children’s lives can deal with its effects. This is a ticketed charity event (£20). To book your place please call 020 7486 9646 or email info@twlondon.co.uk