Addiction Takes Another Young Life – Bobbie Kristina Brown

The world awoke this morning to the very sad news that Bobbie Kristina Brown, the daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown had after 6 months in coma had tragically passed away.

Bobbie Kristina was 22 with her whole life ahead of her, but it was blighted by the unfortunate death of her mother Whitney in 2012. Bobbie Kristina found her mother who drowned in her bath due to heart complications due to excessive cocaine usage.

The incident which led to Bobbie Kristinas death was eerily similar to the death of her mother, she was found in a bath, unresponsive in January 2015 and has been unresponsive since.

Bobbie Kristina was a casualty of addiction, she was born into an extremely privileged world, the daughter of 2 hugely successful recording artists/actors who at the time of her birth appeared to be living the dream with all the trappings and luxuries that come with the height of fame that they were at consistently for years.

It all appeared well, but the reality was that Bobbie Kristinas parents were 2 hopeless, volatile co-dependant addicts, and although they loved her dearly, in the midst of crack cocaine addiction they spent more time and energy on maintaining their addiction and tearing each other apart that could have been better spent nurturing and being present for their only daughter. She appeared on a reality TV show as a child with her parents and witnessed her them fighting, swearing and appearing in court. Bobbie Kristina could have come from any stereotypical background in any part of the world who’s parents were in the grip of addiction, the only differences were that every moment of their lives were documented and she would never have gone hungry due to the caregivers spending all their money on drugs.

Just as I felt sadness and empathy on the morning I heard about Whitney Houstons death, like many mothers in recovery, we could identify with her struggles in addiction and were grateful that we had the facilities and the support network to help us to continue with the work that we do in order to repair the relationships that were damaged due to our addiction. This morning I woke up and read many articles regarding Bobbie Kristinas death, and I felt the same sadness, empathy and gratitude in the fact that I, along with many others, found a solution, and although it is an ongoing process and may take many years, and that my family have the awareness and support through a network of treatment and wellbeing facilities and 12 Step Programmes will hopefully never have to live with the trauma and torment that that young lady had to endure in her short life.

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