One40 Kensington

Kensington Drug Addiction

One40 Kensington is our most recent addition to the One40 Treatment Clinics it has recently been refurbished to a standard commensurate with the delivery of the best detoxification, treatment, and therapy, we can provide.The clinic sits in beautiful St Charles Square in Kensington.

It has 10 Beds with 24 hr nursing care, support staff and a dedicated therapy team.

We are, therefore able to offer the following:

·         Detoxification from all levels of substance abuse

·         A bespoke rehabilitation programme for addiction, co-dependence and co-existing disorders.

Our therapy is based on a 12 step model which has proved over many years to be the most effective modality, but to which we add a large component of non-cognitive therapy to enable the patient to access emotional trauma and blocks, which unresolved can lead to relapse. 

It is tailored to an individual’s needs, and addresses the following:

·         Underlying trauma that leads to the use of mood altering substances and processes.

·         Deals with triggers and cravings

·         Difficulties in relationships

·         Helps you to see that you have been ill, not bad!

·         Gives you tools to accept your responsibilities, develops acceptance, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Additionally we have available the PIT model trauma reduction workshop, which has a significant beneficial effect on the strength of each individuals recovery.