One40 Deans Mews

Deans Mews

Deans Mews is the hub of the One40 Private Addiction and Trauma Treatment Group, offering Trauma Reduction programmes, A.C.T day programmes 1to1 counselling and After-care.

The One40 Addictions . Cross-addictions . Trauma  (A.C.T) treatment model delivers step-down & aftercare packages involving, Trauma reduction treatment, Family Support Groups, LGBTi Groups and follow up Relapse Prevention One to One therapy.

Relapse Prevention plans are passionately integral in all the One40 clinics, we support and promote independent self-help groups for clients and family members.

Headed by our dedicated trauma specialists the intensive programmes in Trauma & Shame gives evidence to the commitment One40 aspires towards, in the treatment of Trauma & Shame-bind Reduction.

The One40 Trauma Department located at Deans Mews deliver an unsurpassed scope of experiential therapies dedicated towards the treatment for Trauma Reduction and Relational Co-dependency, based on the work of Pia Mellody.


The One40 A.C.T model delivers treatment for:

  • Young People/Adolescents
  • Eating disorders
  • Compulsive gambling
  • Depression
  • Sex addiction
  • Alcohol dependence
  • Drug addiction
  • Trauma
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Cross-addictions
  • PTSD
  • Duel diagnosis

No one sets out to have an eating disorder, become an alcoholic or suffer from depression. One minute you're in total control of your life, the next you're not.

Addictions and Disorders hold no respect for your best intentions, or strength of character, and impact on not only your life, but those of your family, friends and work colleagues.

We can support your best intentions, today we can help you start to turn your life around.

Located in the heart of London's medical district, One40 Deans mews is located in Cavendish Square alongside the KINGS FUND, it offers comprehensive world-class therapy programmes specifically designed and tailored to suit your individual needs.

Our unique A.C.T (c) treatment model, blends experience, expertise, dedication and empathy.

To discuss your individual needs today please call one of our dedicated telephone support counsellors on 0800 511 8112 FREE or 020 7060 1304