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At One40 Worthing we have a desire to support people through life’s difficulties and encourage people on their journey towards recovery and positive change.We offer a comfortable and safe environment for you to explore you inner thoughts and feelings, giving you opportunity for self-exploration and growth. The retreat is located just a short walk from the coast, allowing you to fully connect within the environment and feel at one with nature.

Our aim is to promote a therapeutic approach towards mental, physical health and emotional health; a total mind body and soul experience. It is our intention to work with individuals to identify the core issues relating to there underlying problems and enable them to let go of chaotic energy and explore the possibility of living a more fulfilled life. Length of stay and costs may vary dependant on personal and individual need identified during assessment.

Our programme incorporates and encourages daily relaxation and meditation practices, personal therapy and group reflection to share experiences and connect with other like-minded individuals. Holistic and creative therapies, workshops, talks, stress management techniques, exercise and nutrition, family support and aftercare.

StaffOne40 Rehab Worthing

We have handpicked a number of highly qualified professionals to work within our retreat and some of the best in the field of treatment sector, all with their own unique qualities and capabilities. We pride ourselves on our team who are passionate towards promoting recovery, healing and personal growth.


Nourish your body and soul with our hearty healthy menu focused on nurturing the body back to its full potential. Research suggests that a balanced healthy diet can substantially lower risk of chronic disease and illnesses
Our passion for food is reflected in our healthy and nutritious menu. Our menu boasts an excellent array of fine quality locally sourced produce.
Why Choose Us?

  • All our services are private and strictly confidential
  • Comfortable and safe environment
  • Free Initial Assessment
  • Compassionate team of qualified and highly motivated professionals
  • Regulated By the Care Quality Commission
  • Free Aftercare
  • Family support 

Our dedicated telephone counsellors are here to take you through the treatment options available today on 0800 511 8112 or 020 7060 1304



EATA | FDAP | BACP | Registered with NTA Registered provider regulated by UK Care Quality Commission