Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Prescribed Medication Rehab

Most people who take prescription medications use them properly but when prescription drugs are misused or abused they can produce serious adverse health effects.

The decision to seek drug rehab is never an easy one, so our aim is to help those with an addiction or a dependence on these drugs to find the most appropriate centre for the rehab process, which will lead to a successful long term recovery. We can help users locate a program and refer them so as they can achieve a life free from substance abuse.

There are many different types of Rehabilitation solutions available these include residential treatment, medical detox centres, support groups and walk in centres. The severity of the addiction will be able to define the most suitable.

It doesn't take long for a person to realise that they have begun to crave rather than need the medication whilst trying to reduce the amount or stopping completely. This in turn causes them to suffer with drug withdrawal.

The most common way to detox from these types of medications is to follow a tapered down rule, this type of medical reduction is usually done within a medical detox unit.

In a medical detox unit there are medical professionals available at all times to assist with making the detox more comfortable and safe. Withdrawal symptoms can vary from mild to potentially life threatening.

During the detox process it is important to address not only the physical side but also the mental side of the withdrawal from the prescription drugs.

There are tailored made programs for users on offer, and most rehab programs will address psychological dependency, which will include attempting to teach a client new methods of interacting in an addiction free lifestyle. Many centres work with a therapist to unearth those things in life that make users abuse prescribed drugs. Users can participate in group therapy sessions with other people in similar situations, be offered one to one counselling sessions or both and should also be educated on strategies to put into practice whenever withdrawal gets tough and temptation to use is apparent.

The quality of staffing at a drug treatment program is of the utmost importance. Our recommended centres are checked for staffing credentials and also success rates.