Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Rehab Centers UK

Because admitting that you have a drug problem and agreeing to get help is such an intimidating task, it would help you to know what you can expect from treatment and care beforehand. All rehab centers UK are unique and all have their own strengths. The will often have varying admissions processes, but they sure follow general guidelines for care. It helps to come prepared with a concrete plan as you decide on the treatment facility to work with and help you through your addiction.

What to Expect

Knowing what to expect as you enter a drug rehab facility will help you ease the transition from home-life into life in the residential centre. What you can do is get the specifics about the facility you are eyeing to know which demographic they are catering to (many are specialized in teens, the elderly, workers, etc.) as well as the types of addictions they cover or whether they specialize in your case and have specific methods to help you achieve sobriety. Many rehab centres follow a 12-steps approach to recovery while others offer holistic treatments. Some use programs that are solely based on behavioural modification, while others make use of unconventional techniques like equine treatment and adventure programs to help clients get more involved and be more motivated to maintain sobriety. A personalised treatment plan is the best approach so techniques and therapies can be tailored to meet your needs as well as your interests. When looking at rehab centers UK, go for ones that do offer customized treatment instead of facilities that only have one set of treatments for all.

The first steps of rehab are often geared towards detoxification, but you may also be asked to restate your history of drug/alcohol use or behavioural disorder in order to be evaluated, if assessment hasn't been done prior to checking in. Many clients find the detox period to be the most frightening step of rehab. The good thing about rehab facilities is that you will be monitored every step of the way so you can worry less about the negative effects of withdrawal from the drug.

Therapy and after care follow detoxification, where in you will go through continuous therapy and counselling sessions in order to discover underlying reasons for your drug or alcohol use, behavioural disorder, etc. Therapy and counselling will help you deal with these issues and teach you how to manage anxiety, stress, and other negative feelings stemming from your addiction without having to rely on alcohol or drugs. Aftercare is also an important step to lessen your chances of relapsing after you have left the program. 

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