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Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.

Rehab Centres UK

For many, going into rehab can be a scary thought, mostly because of the misconceptions that go around rehab facilities. What you may not realize is that rehab clinics, especially rehab centres UK are nothing like locked-up prisons you might think them to be. If you see them more like a retreat centre where you can spend at least a month or two away from your usual home and work environment to sort things out and regain control over your life, then checking yourself into rehab will be less intimidating. Here is a step by step guide to show you the entire rehab process:

Most rehab programs have three major parts: the detox stage, medication and therapy, and aftercare. No addiction can be cured without undergoing detox from the substance you are addicted to, especially those that stay in the system for longer. Detox will often address both your physical and psychological dependence on a drug or substance. This way, succeeding therapies and procedures can be more effective, as you get out of the drug's influence. Depending on how strong the drug is or how long you have been using, detox can last for several days or weeks, and the sooner you get through detox, the sooner you can start with the recovery process.

Detox is followed by medication and therapy, although medication can also start as you go through the detox stage, whenever necessary. Therapies in rehab centres UK may involve individual counselling or group sessions, where you can learn to understand and deal with the causes of your particular addiction and get support from others who are going through the same things. Some facilities also offer religious and spiritual counselling, for those who need to draw strength and added motivation from their faith.

Treatment must not end after you have left the rehab centre. Follow-up and aftercare should be secured so you can return to your normal life without succumbing into your urges so easily. Stressful situations, familiar temptations, and other triggers pose great risk of relapse, which is why it is highly recommended to get involved with an aftercare program, or at least a support group that can keep you in line as you return to your everyday life.

One40 UK has some of the best aftercare services to complement in-patient as well as out-patient rehab programs, protecting you from the temptations of relapse when you most need it.