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Rehab Centres

Do you suspect that a loved one is addicted to drugs? Before calling drug rehab centres to ask for help, you should evaluate the situation and decide the next step. These telltale signs of drug use may indicate a problem:

  1. Use of hard drugs. Cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin are ‘hard drugs’ that can be dangerous because of their effects on behaviour and health, as well as their high addictive factor. Your loved one may claim to only using these drugs ‘recreationally,’ but addiction can occur even after single use. Continued addiction to hard drugs eventually leads a person to exhibit high-risk behaviour, isolate himself from family and friends, and become a social outcast.
  1. Frequent usage. The frequency of using a drug may not be the best way to measure someone's addiction, but frequent use may indicate dependence and tolerance. If your loved one is using drugs regularly, then he or she might find it difficult to quit.                                            
  1. Drugs as a means for escapism. Your loved one might be using drugs to cope with anxiety or stress, or to self-medicate a mental disorder like depression. Id he is using drugs to become more confident, and that puts them at greater risk of being addicted. Boredom may also be a factor.
  1. Solitary use. There are studies that have linked drug use with other problems. A RAND study (conducted in 2006) found that teens who have been smoking, using marijuana, and drinking alcohol while isolated or alone are likely to have drug problems when they reach early adulthood and become physically unhealthy when they turn 23. Solitary users are also found likely to engage in delinquent and violent behaviour more frequently.

If you notice these patterns, start looking for reputable drug rehab centres near you for proper intervention and treatment. If you are in the UK, try One40. We have multiple locations and flexible admissions to help your loved one finally overcome his drug addiction. We provide versatile treatment options, individual care planning, and free aftercare. You can be at ease with our dedicated and professional staff working in our BACP and CQC registered facilities. Unlike other rehabilitation centres, we do not judge or coerce. We use our decades of know-how to help people get their lives back in a method that is tailored to their specific needs. Call us at 0203 151 1914 or 0800 511 8112 so we can get started.