Treatment Centres

Our centres are situated throughout the country offering convenient and secluded retreats for our treatments.


Rehab treatment is available to treat any type of addiction, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and sex addiction to name a few. To be successful, it has to be administered the right way, by addiction treatment professionals.

Rehab usually refers to a person being placed in a residential rehabilitation unit, but it can also refer to outpatient treatment, support groups and care centres. During rehab an individual can expect to control issues relating to addiction. These, if necessary, range from the detoxification process of substances including the symptoms of withdrawal, attending counselling, identify the root of their problems and underlying reasons for having developed an addiction, learn how to avoid relapse. Also if appropriate they will learn to cope with everyday matters without the need of artificial support such as alcohol or drugs and furthermore discover how to live in an environment that is free from potentially negative influences and will be well-informed on the negative effects of their chosen addiction.

Finding an appropriate rehabilitation centre can be an overwhelming task for many people, Tailored Rehab helps individuals to decide the appropriate solutions, whether rehab is necessary for a drug, alcohol, sex or gambling addiction or an eating disorder.

Our skilled counsellors are dedicated to refer to successful rehabilitation centres by offering guidance and experience. There are many things to consider when looking treatment centres, during this delicate time Tailored Rehab wants to make a clients decision as easy as possible. Factors include rates of success, location, cost, reputation, staff to client ratio and accommodation. We work with our clients to find a rehab solution that is right and appropriate for them.

we are able to assist any person with an addiction, by finding them the most appropriate rehab centre to assist them in recovery from their addiction, dependence or compulsion. Each centre we recommend will have its own methods and plans that they have developed to suit each addiction. Centres may vary greatly in their approach to treating addicts; some choose more obvious treatment schedules, whilst others are more holistic. However, most will work together with the universal 12 step process.

Any rehab and detox clinics that we recommend, will have been assessed on client care, therapeutic programme content, experience / qualifications of all staff and standards of accommodation.